Schools Currently Working with the Trust

Feb 19, 2015

The Trust is working with a number of schools at different stages of the process to convert to academy status. A short summary of the position of each school is set out below, together with a link to the school websites, which may have more available information.  

Lazonby C of E Promary School

Lazonby C of E school formally joined the trust on 1 February - the first school to do so. The news of the school’s transfer to the Trust has been well reported in the local media, with statements of support from the Headteacher, Yvonne Standing and the Chair of the Governing Body, Sarah Threlkeld-Brown. The following link is an example of the good media coverage received -

There is a short video on the Trust’s website front page, where the head summarises the main reasons why she felt the Trust would represent the best environment for the school to exist and thrive in. As the first school within the Trust, the Head has been closely involved in designing a range of support systems to ensure that they are both efficient and effective, but more importantly, best meet the operational needs of the school, taking account of the limited resources at the school’s disposal.  

Braithwaite C of E Primary School

Braithwaite C of E school is working through the academy conversion process and expects to join the Trust on 1 June 2015. It had planned to join earlier, although it now clear that the Secretary of State will not sign the formal Academy Order until after the general election. This is in line with traditional guidance relating to parliamentary activities in the period prior to a general election, sometimes referred to as ‘purdah’.

Heversham St Peters C of E Primary School.

Heversham St Peter’s C of E primary school is also working through the Academy conversion process and expects to join the Trust on 1 June 2015. As with Braithwaite, the expected date of the official transfer is affected by the timing of the general election in May.

Ambleside Cof E Primary School.

The Governing Body of Ambleside C of E primary school have recently agreed to explore the opportunities of becoming a sponsored academy.  



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