Review finds good progress being made at MAT member school

Jan 4, 2017

A member school of the Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust is making ‘good progress’ in addressing Ofsted recommendations, according to a new review.

Braithwaite CE Primary School, near Keswick, was visited by the MAT’s School Effectiveness Officer, Chris Ashcroft, and the Headteacher of High Hesket Primary as part of the review process in November.

Their report has found the school – the third to join the Diocese of Carlisle's Multi Academy Trust in September 2015 – is making good progress in addressing Ofsted recommendations set out in March 2015, when the school was judged as ‘requires improvement’ prior to joining the Trust.

Headteacher Jo Laker said: “We are pleased to see that all the hard work and effort being put in by all our pupils and staff and with the unwavering support of the Trust, parents and the local governing body is having a demonstrable effect on learning opportunities and the school environment as a whole.

“As soon as we were made aware of the Ofsted report’s findings in March 2015, we looked to effectively and efficiently target those areas in which it was found we required improvement.

“This is ongoing work and as a school family – supported by the Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust – we remain committed to providing the best possible educational experience for our children and best working environment for our staff and we expect a positive outcome at our next Ofsted inspection.

“The MAT review identifies some aspects on which we still need to focus, such as developing the outdoor areas for Early Years, and we will continue to address those areas as we move forward.”

The school implemented an action plan to address the Ofsted report’s key findings including those around pupil progress in writing and mathematics, teachers’ expectations levels for work, consistent marking, monitoring of pupils’ work and governor development.

A further Ofsted visit in June 2015 found the school to be taking effective action in tackling those areas classed as requiring improvement, a view which has been reinforced by the MAT inspection.

As part of the latest MAT review, the team observed lessons in every class, looked at pupils’ work and assessment information and met with staff and members of the local governing body. They have reported:

• Overall progress in those Ofsted-identified areas, with the Headteacher continuing to lead a drive forward
• A common intent, purpose and desire to move forward together
• The capacity for leadership to develop further strategic direction and purpose
• A warm and caring environment
• Pupils’ behaviour is very good
• Indoor Early Years provision ‘has been transformed’
• Subject leaders taking responsibility for leading development
• Greater understanding by the local governing body on how to support and challenge.

Michael Mill, the Trust’s Acting Chief Executive, said: “It is heartening to see the progress that continues to be made by all the staff and pupils at the school.

“The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust, working with its partners, has been able to secure additional funding for the school and provide an experienced team to support the school. We will continue to work alongside everyone at Braithwaite CofE Primary, offering support and advice in order that the progress continues.”



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