February 2018 Newsletter

Feb 22, 2018

2018 is off to a flying start

Read on to find out more about the fantastic Ofsted success at Lazonby, a full round up of Lorton's winter activities as well as meeting another of our Board members, this time local boy Martin Rayner.
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Flurry of Good News at Lazonby

At Lazonby the New School Year began with celebrations of the school’s successful Ofsted inspection in December which saw them rated ‘Good’. This was the first inspection for any of the Trust’s schools.

Headteacher Andrew Davies expressed his satisfaction: ‘I am very pleased with the results of this inspection as it highlights the hard work that is taking place at Lazonby CE School. Children, parents, staff, Local Governing Body Members, the Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust and our local community all have a part to play in making Lazonby CE School a Good school.’

The inspection highlighted ‘how happy and how well looked after pupils are.’ Praising the ‘highly positive and aspirational culture’ that is prevalent thanks to excellent relationships between the staff and pupils.  

The report noted the strong support provided to the school by the Trust and everyone at the Trust would like to congratulate the staff, pupils and community at Lazonby on the results of their hard work. We look forward to working with you towards continued success in the future.


Lorton School

It may have been a short half term, but at Lorton they have managed to squeeze a lot of exciting learning in!

Reception and Year 1 have had two great cookery sessions with Helen’s Herbs. They made their own pizzas from scratch and some lovely carrot muffins.

Year 2 and 3 have re-visited online safety with the help of ‘Smartie the Penguin’. They had a great Stone Age Day with Ben McNutt – making their own axes! Mrs Scales is very busy helping them to choreograph their Stone Age Dance, ready for the U Dance Festival just before Easter.

Years 4, 5 & 6 have had a football coaching session and competition, taught by Mr Charters from Cockermouth School. Mr Hoyle and Mrs Harrison then took a team of 7 to the Sands Centre five-a-side football competition on Saturday 27th January. Everyone had a great day!

To round off their topic on classification of animals, the older children are looking forward to a visit from the mammals at Silverband Falconry.

We even managed to squeeze in a snow day!


News from around the Trust


Heads and Chairs Day
at Rydal Hall, November 2017




This was the second event of its kind held by the Trust. Headteachers, Local Governing Body Chairs and Trust staff all gathered on a misty day in the Lake District to get to know one another and take a hand in the continued development of the Trust.

Topics discussed included the development of the role of the Clerk, how the Trust could facilitate better communications between all parties as well as the opportunity to help to design a bespoke training programme for Local Governing Body Members. Ideas generated as a result of the Heads and Chairs day are being taken forward by the Development Officers and School Improvement Officer.




Clerks Development Session
at Trust HQ in Penrith, February 2018


On a frosty morning the Trust brought together the dedicated, hardworking and often invisible force behind our school’s Local Governing Bodies, the Clerks. This was an opportunity for the Clerks to meet one another, hear about developments in the way the Trust is working and inform the direction of some of those changes. The morning was a success and it is hoped that similar events can be delivered in the future.


Heads Get Together
at Trust HQ in Penrith, February 2018


At their termly get together, this time at Trust HQ in Penrith, the Heads shared a few sandwiches as well as their latest experiences and news. Topics discussed included:

  • Update on activity from around the schools and the Trust
  • Planning the focus and gathering suggestions for the Trust’s ‘All Staff’ training taking place January 2019
  • An update from the Trust’s School Improvement Officer

An exciting new school website initiative was also discussed. The proposed change would ensure that each school had a website which is modern, easy to use and easy to access. The Heads will get together again in the summer term.

Meet the Board

Martin Rayner




I have worked for 40 years helping with my brothers building Lakeland Ltd from a small mail order company in Windermere to a multi-media, international creative kitchenware specialist. I’m now focusing on helping local entrepreneurs to start businesses, working with Lancaster University Management School, and helping our local church and our local schools. 

I was drawn to The Good Shepherd by Beth Smith, a good friend who I had met through my education and my childrens’ education. Beth inspired me to feel, as a non-academic, that I had something to offer to the Trust. 

I feel the local school, the local church, and the pub are the centre of the village and I would like to help two of those three, thrive! I feel we have in The Good Shepherd a group of enthusiastic professionals that are capable of this by providing an inspirational education that goes beyond the purely academic requirements of the national curriculum.

Ambleside #Takeover

In January the Early Years Foundation Stage at Ambleside enjoyed the chance to #TakeoverTuesday at Alastair Bryce-Clegg’s popular ABC_does Instagram page. Congratulations to Ambleside’s hardworking EYFS team for sharing their fantastic practice! Head to Instagram to see the whole Takeover! 

And Finally...

It is really encouraging to see 2018 start on such a positive note. Together with the hard work and support of the Trust Board and staff as well as the dedication and commitment of everyone involved at the schools I am sure that we can continue to achieve as the year moves on. I look forward to bringing you news of further developments soon.

If you have any queries Michael Mill, Director of Education can always be contacted via email and our Business Manager Alison Gerke can also be contacted on 01768 807770 or via email.

Thanks again for your support and taking the time to read what is happening with The Good Shepherd Multi Academy Trust.

Best wishes,

Nigel Appleton  

Chair of Directors


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